How to get your career in public health from the inside out

PUBLIC HEALTH Career Paths in Tennessee Public Health (PSH) is a nationally recognized training program designed to prepare public health professionals for careers in public safety, public health management, and related fields.

The PSH Program provides public health training in the areas of: Health and safety, Public health and safety management, Public education, Health and science and technology, Health policy and regulatory issues, Public engagement and public health policy, Public safety issues and policy, and Public health operations and management.

The program provides career guidance, training, and networking opportunities for public health personnel.

Public Health Training Courses are offered throughout Tennessee and are intended to prepare a public health professional for careers within the health field.

Public health professionals who are interested in pursuing careers in this area should attend one of the PSH programs listed below: Statewide PSH Training Cours: The Tennessee Public Safety Education and Training Program offers the following PSH training courses for public safety and public safety related professions: State Public Health Education Courses: The Public Health Public Safety Training Program provides the following Public Health training courses that are offered to public health employees across Tennessee: State PSH Professional Development Program: The State Public Safety Professional Development (PSSP) program is designed to provide career guidance and networking for public servants in public administration, public safety management and related careers.

The courses are offered in addition to the PSHS Professional Development Training Program.

Public Safety Career Opportunities: Public Safety careers in the Tennessee public safety field are diverse, with a wide range of roles.

A public health career requires specialized knowledge and skills to perform, and many public health positions require a bachelor’s degree.

Public safety is an excellent career option for public sector employees who can gain specialized knowledge in the field of public health.

Public service organizations (PSSOs) are required to meet certain standards of competence, including having a bachelor degree and a high school diploma or equivalent, and being at least 21 years old.

A PSSO must be certified in Public Health as defined by the State of Tennessee.

The Public Safety Job Board has established the Public Health Professional Development Course Listing to provide public health workers with a searchable list of PSH career opportunities.

Public Service Education Cours in Georgia Public Service: The Georgia Public Health Career Center (PGCHC) is the state’s premier training program for public service professionals who want to enter and remain in the public service profession.

The PGCHC is dedicated to providing quality public health education and training for public employees.

The GPC provides public service career opportunities to all public service employees, including those who are looking to advance their career in health.

PGCHCs public service positions include public health care, public information technology, public administration and administration, and public information systems.

PGCLC Public Service career positions include health professions, public relations, and administration.

Public Career Pathways in South Carolina Public Service Career Pathway Courses in South Florida Public Service (PSP) is an accredited training program focused on public health and public service related career opportunities in the state of South Carolina.

Public Healthcare in Florida Public Health in Florida (PHAFC) is one of five PHAFC programs in Florida.

Public Services Jobs in New Hampshire Public Health Jobs in South Dakota Public Health: The New Hampshire State Public Service Job Board offers public service careers in healthcare management, health promotion, public affairs, public education, public communications, and management, public works.

The State Government Public Health Programs (GSPP) offers a variety of career opportunities including public health programs, health professions and public administration.

The GSPP is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

The Health Care Jobs in Iowa Public Health Job Board (HPJMB) offers public health careers in health, health care management, occupational health, and other public health fields.

Public Public Health Schools in Missouri Public Public School Career Pathwork in Kansas Public School: The Missouri State Public School Job Board is committed to creating an inclusive, caring, and safe school environment that celebrates diversity and inclusion.

The School District Public School Safety Career and Training Opportunities (SPSD) offers career opportunities and mentoring to students and staff members of public schools who want the chance to become more involved in community service and the public health profession.

Public School Jobs in Nevada Public School Public School Schools in Nevada (PSSN) is accredited and recognized by the American Association of State Colleges and Schools as a National Accreditation Agency accredited public school program.

Public Schools in North Carolina Public School careers in North Dakota Public School career paths include public administration in North Dakotas public schools, public elementary schools, and community schools.

Public school career paths are typically based in the community and include elementary, middle and high school, middle school, and junior high education.

Public schools also offer programs in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) and technical fields.

Education and career information about public schools and public services is available on the NSB Public Education website.

Public HEALTH Care in Alabama Public Health

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