What’s next for GE-funded epidemiology research

Updated May 14, 2019 10:55:25 GE-sponsored research on obesity, cancer, and chronic disease is in the midst of a slow-motion extinction, but the process could soon be reversed.

In an article published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, a team of researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, reports that they have found that a single dose of a GE-manufactured drug known as GECO2A1 reduces the incidence of the two most common forms of colorectal cancer by up to 70%.

In a subsequent study, researchers found that the same drug reduced the incidence and mortality of bladder cancer by as much as 50%.

GE drugs are a big moneymaker for the company, with GE selling about $8.8 billion worth of the drugs in 2016.

But their popularity has been a slow burn.

In recent years, researchers have been trying to make the drug more effective, including with a new version of GECOG, an enzyme inhibitor, that is approved for use in cancer patients.

The new study, published in JAMA Oncological Sciences, suggests that another approach could have been taken: a study of a single drug that is now being tested on animals.

The researchers say that this drug is effective in reducing the development of certain cancers, but that its effectiveness is limited by the fact that it is not currently approved for humans.

That means that the drug could be used for some cancers, like colon and breast cancer, but not others.

For the study, the researchers used GE-produced and GE-made-by-GECO drugs that were tested on mice, and they found that they could suppress colorecctal and gastric cancers in both groups.

One dose of GecO2a1 led to an 89% reduction in both the incidence (7 of 7 animals) and the mortality (5 of 7 mice) of the colorecolum and gastrocnemius cancer groups, respectively.

The team also found that GECOO2A was effective at inhibiting the development and progression of the bladder cancer group.

This study was funded by the National Institutes of Health, and the researchers are planning a larger study of GEOG to see if it is effective for different cancers.

In a statement, the company said that “the results of this study provide evidence that the new investigational compound GECOM1A can suppress the development, progression, and treatment of coloproliferative diseases in mice.”

The company said it is working with the FDA to determine whether the drug should be approved for human use.

“The FDA is currently assessing the potential clinical efficacy of GGE-derived drugs for colorecellular and gastroduodenal cancers,” it said.

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