How to treat the common cold in Kitsap County

Kitsap, Washington (CNN) It’s cold outside in Kitsaps public health office, where a dozen volunteers and five local health officials are working to contain the common chill.

The temperature is in the low 60s in the office building’s lobby, where the office manager is warming up.

It’s a little chilly in the room where the public health department meets regularly to share information and share information on cold cases and outbreaks.

The room is packed, and the room is quiet.

But that doesn’t mean the cold isn’t getting under the skin.

It can be as cold as the mercury and it can be hot as the sun, said Kathy Brown, who oversees public health for Kitsap Public Health.

And it can get you really cold.

Brown said people can get a cold like the common and can have a hard time getting a cold that’s mild.

She said it’s important to get a shot of antibiotics to help with a cold, but she says you should always wear protective gear and avoid standing or sitting in direct sunlight.

Brown says that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

It could be that you’re wearing a mask that doesn, for example, allow you to breathe through your nose, and you don’t want to make a bad habit of wearing a scarf around your neck.

It also depends on how long the cold lasts.

It can be long enough to cause an outbreak in the hospital, Brown said.

She said people should get their vaccinations and stay home from work and school if they have to, as well as staying at home if they’re in a car.

She also said it can help to wear masks when outdoors and avoid strenuous activities such as hiking and running.

If you’re in Kitsacos hospital emergency room, you can also call the Kitsap Fire Department.

If you’re at home, get a blanket and go outside and take a short walk.

Brown encourages people to get help from a health professional if they feel sick, especially if they think they might have a cold.

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