When you have the best medical advice, you don’t need to go to a public health webpage

The World Health Organization (WHO) has released its latest round of recommendations to curb the spread of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

The WHO released the latest round on Monday, recommending that “all people who have sex with men (MSM) should use condoms to prevent transmission of HIV.”

The report also calls for people who are at risk of contracting HIV to seek medical attention.

But while the WHO recommends the use of condoms for MSM, the health organization has been vocal about the need to expand access to testing, prevention and treatment for those at higher risk of transmission.

“The WHO supports the use and promotion of effective and timely prevention measures, including education, screening and testing, to reduce the spread and acquisition of HIV,” the WHO said in a statement on Monday.

This is not a universal strategy, but WHO says it is “an important step in addressing HIV.”

The agency said the report shows that “the public health response is needed to protect the most vulnerable in society, including MSM.”

The new guidelines do not go as far as the WHO’s original recommendations, which called for condom use for all sex partners and said it was “essential for MSM to seek and use testing and prevention services to reduce their risk of HIV transmission.”

“The new recommendations also do not address the many risks associated with STIs, which are the direct consequence of sexual activity and may be transmitted from person to person,” the agency said.

“For many, this means having to avoid sex with partners who may have STIs.

This can also result in an increase in risk of pregnancy, infection and STIs.”

“While the WHO does not recommend any specific action, the WHO recommendations reflect that it is important for MSM and other sexual partners to seek care and treatment when they experience an STI,” the statement said.

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