When the public health is in doubt, we should be more worried

Bakersfield, CA – A public health expert says when it comes to a public health crisis, the government needs to be more proactive.

Public health expert Professor Dan Reiter said while the coronavirus pandemic has left many people without access to health services, it has also brought in new money and innovation that has made it a better place to live.

“We’ve been able to get the coronovirus off the ground in a very good way,” Professor Reiter told AM on Wednesday.

“It has made the economy grow a lot.”

Now, if you look at how much money we’ve made, we’re in the top five most-developed countries, and we’re one of the top three biggest economies in the world.

“If you look just at the growth in the economy, that has allowed us to be one of, if not the fastest growing economies in Australia.”

So the more money we can invest, the more we can improve the public’s health.

“Public health experts have also pointed to the increased awareness of the pandemic, which has led to a greater focus on community-wide interventions.”

In the community, it’s been an incredibly good time,” Professor Robert Pang said.”

I think the public is more aware now and I think we’ve seen a lot of improvements in how the community responds to coronaviruses.

“They’ve become more aware of the importance of having a healthy lifestyle, having a safe environment and having access to public health services.”

That’s really been a great start.

“Professor Reiter agreed.”

You have a really positive trend.

It’s definitely an encouraging trend,” he said.

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