When a woman becomes pregnant with an Ebola-infected baby, will the baby be protected?

With the Ebola outbreak spreading fast across the world, questions are being asked about the safety of the babies born to infected women.

The mothers of Ebola-affected women are being urged to keep the babies under close watch, as the virus can spread rapidly.

But experts say a mother should be cautious about letting a baby grow into an Ebola infection.

Dr Michael Meehan, of the University of Queensland, says mothers who are infected should be careful not to allow their babies to grow up in an environment where the virus is known to be present.

“You may get the virus in the mother, but it may not be spread to the baby at the time of delivery,” Dr Meeham said.

“I think the safest place to let the baby grow up is in the womb.”

If you can’t afford to put the baby in a crib, then you should put the mother in a separate room, where she will have a very, very low risk of getting the virus.

“Dr Meeam says a baby should be monitored closely at birth, as well as at three and six months.”

The baby will be closely monitored throughout the course of its development and at any time during the course, we want to monitor that baby, so that we can get a clear picture of what is going on,” he said.

But while a mother could be able to protect her baby, she will also need to protect herself, he says.”

And the thing is, even if the mother is protected, you’re still going to need to be very careful to ensure that your baby is safe,” Dr Fong said.

The mother needs to be well-informed about the risks of infection and how to protect it, she said.

Dr Meche said it was critical that a mother knew how to avoid infections during pregnancy.”

It’s a very complicated situation and you need to know how to do that,” he added.

Dr Fong says while mothers could protect themselves from infection, the risk of infection would increase when they became pregnant with a child with Ebola.”

Even though it’s very low, you can still get very serious complications if you have a baby with Ebola,” he explained.

Dr Cairns says it’s not clear what precautions are needed to protect pregnant women against the virus, but she does have some advice.”

We should be very, really careful of the risk and very, VERY careful of protecting ourselves, we should not leave the baby unattended in the home, we can’t leave the door open all the time,” she said

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