The Most Important Thing About a Public Health Plan

It’s not just that the Affordable Care Act is the most important thing in this country’s health care system.

It’s that it’s the most consequential thing, too.

“This is going to be the most transformative period in American health care,” Dr. David Katz, a senior fellow at the conservative Heritage Foundation and author of The New Great Depression: How the Affordable Healthcare Act Will Create the Next Great American Crisis, told me.

The ACA has made the Affordable System the envy of the world.

It has opened the floodgates to billions of dollars of private-sector innovation, and it has put the American public at the heart of health care decisions.

But as with so many of the ACA’s achievements, it’s also made the health care industry a target.

With the public health system in the hands of the private sector, Katz explained, “We’re in a situation where we’ve got this private sector that’s trying to make a profit out of the system and we’re trying to protect our health care systems from that.”

That’s where the Koch brothers come in.

Katz and I spoke at a gathering of the Center for a Stateless Society (CSOS) in New York City earlier this year, and I asked him to explain the Kochs’ funding for the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the organization that passed the ACA.

The Kochs were not only involved in ALEC but were also behind a handful of other bills that the Koch-funded organization had sponsored in the House.

Katz explained that the two groups were “not just in opposition to the ACA,” but “they were in opposition in every way to everything we’re talking about here.”

The Kochs are trying to stop everything from the ACA, he said, and they’re trying “to prevent us from making sure that we have a healthy, functional health care economy.”

Kochs and their allies are spending millions to defeat the ACA through lobbying, misinformation campaigns, and the creation of “influential advocacy groups” to promote the agenda, he continued.

The idea is that they want to destroy the health insurance system as a whole, and that’s the whole goal.

This isn’t the first time that the American government has had to deal with the Koch’s influence.

In 2009, after the collapse of the financial collapse, the U.S. Treasury Department warned the American people that “foreign actors” were trying to use the collapse in the U

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