Which is more dangerous? Public health or pollution?

RTE 2.7 million litres of water leaked from a wastewater treatment plant into the sea in the north of the country in the latest pollution-related disaster in recent years.

The leak happened on Sunday, the first day of summer when the sea temperature is in the lower 30s.

It was not immediately clear how much water had leaked.

The source of the leak, the Nhan Nhan, is a waste treatment plant located in the city of Nongkok in the south of the capital Bangkok.

According to a statement by Nhan Yoonprak, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MOEP), a large amount of the wastewater was discharged from the plant into sea waters on Sunday.

“We have been monitoring the situation at the site for a week and have already detected an increase in the amount of discharge into the ocean.

The amount is more than 2 million litres,” Mr Nhan said.”

This is not a large leak.

We have been working to identify the source of this leak,” he added.

The water was eventually released into the surrounding waters.

A spokesperson for Bangkok’s Metropolitan Water Supply Company (MWSC) said the incident could not have been avoided.

“The Nhan Huan water treatment plant was operating at full capacity.

The wastewater discharge is not connected to the city’s wastewater network, but the discharge was the result of a leak that caused the water to leak out into the city,” he said.

Mr Nhan also said that an investigation had been launched into the cause of the water leak.

“It is important to investigate the cause for the leak and the spill.

We are investigating to find out how much wastewater has leaked and how much of it is safe to release,” he told reporters.”

There are a lot of things that we can do to protect the environment and the public’s health.

It is important that we are following the rules and rules are important,” he concluded.

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