‘We are not the only ones who are afraid’: PAP to be the first organisation to launch public health campaign to fight coronavirus

PAP is planning to launch a campaign to combat coronaviruses and the spread of the virus to help people deal with it.

The PAP government is planning a campaign, called The Cure, that will be distributed to 1.5 million people through its social media channels, including Whatsapp, Facebook and WhatsApp Messenger.

“We are going to work with other organisations, public health organisations and NGOs to spread the word about this pandemic,” Health Minister Priti Patel said on Thursday.

“People are waking up and saying they are not going to be able to work.

They are having a panic attack, they are going back to sleep, they’re having to sleep in the car.

There are also cases of people dying in their homes.

We need to stop the spread,” she added.

Patel said the government was also working on ways to help healthcare workers who have contracted the virus, including providing health kits, ensuring they can safely take care of their patients and providing training.

Pelosi said the campaign would be delivered through Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger, and that the PAP Health Ministry would also be distributing pamphlets, health cards and a list of local healthcare workers to spread awareness about the disease.

She said PAP would also provide a helpline to those who are concerned about a friend or family member who has contracted the disease and needed to be isolated or cared for.PAP is also planning to make the first public health appeal for people to take part in the campaign, which will be posted on Whatsapp.

Pasipati said she had ordered a review of the PASP system, which had become overwhelmed with cases of coronaviral illnesses and that PASPs were under pressure to provide care.

“It’s a very difficult time for us.

We are having to ask people to be more active, to be prepared, to take care.

People need to be encouraged to do more.

We want to help them, not just give them help,” she said.

The Government has already announced an additional 5 million pesos ($8.5m) for PASPPAs for coronavids, she said, and was also seeking a grant of about 1 million peso ($70,000) for the same.

The government also said it would be launching an additional 1.2 million pesas ($60,000; £43,500) to assist the public health response.

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