Alameda County Public Health to implement mandatory vaccination campaign

Alameda, California, May 1, 2019–(Alameda County Department of Public Health, Public Health and Environment)–The California Department of Health and Human Services (CalHealth), in collaboration with the State of California and the University of California, San Francisco, is launching a mandatory vaccination program for Alameda residents beginning this week.

The initiative is designed to strengthen public health by providing a safe, effective, and cost-effective way for families to get their children vaccinated for the first time.

“California has been plagued by a surge in vaccine-preventable diseases and this program will help us better prevent those diseases,” said Dr. Dan Pfeiffer, executive director of CalHealth.

“By making vaccination mandatory, families can be sure their children are getting the right shots.”

As a part of this vaccination campaign, CalHealth is requiring that every adult aged 18 and older in the county undergo an annual health checkup and be tested for measles, mumps, rubella, and pertussis (whooping cough) by CalHealth, the county’s health department.

The vaccine checkups and testing will be administered by state-of-the-art automated tests.

CalHealth and the state also are conducting a comprehensive immunization registry to ensure that CalHealth’s vaccinations are up to date.

The CalHealth vaccination program will include vaccinations for:• Measles, moles, and rubella (MMR)• Polio vaccine (a vaccine for live attenuated polio virus)• MeaVax, the second generation of live attenuation vaccine developed by CalVax and Merck & Co., a leading vaccine producer in the United States.• Hepatitis B (HBV)• Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib)• Dengue-B (dengue)• Bordetella pertussus• Poliomyelitis vaccine (MPV)The program also includes vaccines for:· Vaccination of children under the age of six (under 6-11 years old), and for adults aged 21 and older with a chronic health condition.· Measle, mollusc, and tetanus toxoids.• Vaccination for pregnant women and those who are nursing, caring for, or caring for children under age 6 (aged 12 through 18).• Meals containing milk or other milk products, including formula, pasteurized milk, and whey products.• Meats containing cow’s milk, dairy products, or eggs.• Pregnant women and lactating women.• Infants who have not been vaccinated and who have been diagnosed with asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, or other conditions that can be exacerbated by the disease.• Persons who have an existing chronic health issue.

The vaccination of children will be required beginning with the first birthday of a child, and will continue throughout the entire child’s lifetime.

Children aged 6 to 12 months can be vaccinated at no cost.

Children and teens aged 11 and older can be enrolled in the program for a fee of $60.

Individuals aged 21 to 35 can be eligible for vaccination for free.

Anyone over the age 21 who has been vaccinated at any time during the past six months will be eligible to receive the vaccination at no charge.

The program is intended to reduce the spread of vaccine-related diseases, particularly those that can cause long-term harm.

CalHealth will offer free vaccinations for children who have health insurance.

The state’s free immunization program also will include free vaccinations of people over the same age and under the same health insurance status.

Cal Health will also offer vaccination assistance to individuals with limited income.

The vaccine program will begin on May 2 and will last through July 31.

Calhealth plans to have the vaccine program up and running by July 20, 2019.

Cal health also will be able to provide free vaccines to those who have limited transportation and who cannot afford transportation.

For more information, please contact:Linda M. Brown, Cal Health, 951-845-6160, [email protected] or

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