When Kentucky officials say you can’t use sunscreen in the air, it’s a lie

A Kentucky health official has defended the state’s decision to bar people from wearing sunscreen in Kentucky’s skies, saying it was “the safest” way to protect against sunburn.

Public health officials from the state Health Department and the Kentucky Department of Environmental Quality issued a public health advisory on Monday to residents in and around Kentucky, warning that wearing sunscreen could expose you to a greater risk of sunburn than wearing a mask.

“It’s a safe and effective method for getting sun exposure,” said Mike Smith, director of the Kentucky public health division.

“If you’re not wearing a face shield, the sun may get on your skin, so it can get on the skin and the body.

The sun can burn you.”

Smith said the state was working with its Department of Emergency Services to develop a sun protection plan that could be used during the summer months, when many people wear sunscreens.

Smith said he couldn’t discuss details of the plan, including what kind of sunscreen would be required.

But he said the plan was being prepared and would be ready for use at least during the next few weeks.

Smith was responding to a public comment submitted by Dr. David Ritter, director emeritus of the department.

Ritter questioned the safety of the sunscreen policy and said it would likely increase the number of cases of sunstroke among the elderly.

“The evidence suggests that wearing sunglasses will reduce the risk of serious skin injury or death, and that wearing a full face cover is also an effective sun protection strategy,” Ritter wrote in the comment.

“I do not recommend that Kentucky residents wear sunglasses.

It’s the safest method of protection for the elderly.”

The Kentucky Department for Environmental Quality has previously said that wearing face masks in the summer will reduce sunburn risk, but it also has suggested people wear sunglasses in the winter.

Kentucky Health Department officials issued a similar advisory on Friday.

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