How the Toronto Zoo is turning its pet-friendly zoo into a global hotspot for animal welfare concerns

The Toronto Zoo has become the first animal sanctuary in the world to offer free veterinary care to its animals and has become a global hub for animal-rights groups.

In a sign of just how far Canada’s public health and animal welfare agencies have come, Toronto’s mayor announced in March that the zoo will begin offering free vet care to all of its animals.

Now that the sanctuary is in the news again, here are five things you need to know about the zoo’s transformation.


It’s not a zoo but a city shelter, not a prison: Toronto’s public housing project was designed to shelter and educate homeless people, and has been a haven for thousands of people in need.

It has a population of about 15,000 people, but its shelter is more than half full, according to the Toronto Star.

Toronto has also seen a surge in homelessness.

In 2012, it saw 2,852 homeless people in its city shelters.

By 2016, that number had grown to 3,822.

Homelessness has increased across the country, particularly in cities with larger populations, according the Toronto-based Centre for Policy Alternatives.

The city has since begun using its shelters as a city-run housing program, and shelters are no longer being used solely for people experiencing homelessness.

“Our shelters have been so helpful to the homeless population,” said Toronto Mayor John Tory in March, “they have given them an opportunity to get off the streets and start living in our city.”

In Toronto, homeless shelters are now part of a citywide strategy called the Downtown East Relief Initiative, which is aimed at providing housing for those who have lost their homes and who live in temporary housing.

Homeless people who are living in the Downtown Relief Initiative are also eligible for subsidies through the city’s Homelessness Reduction Program.

The City of Toronto is now providing subsidized housing for homeless people to help with their health care needs, as well as financial support for their mental health care and other needs.

Homeless shelters in Toronto also serve as community health centers and emergency rooms, and provide free health screenings for people with mental health issues.

“When you see homeless people and the homeless shelters in a city, you see people in distress, and they need to get the help that they need,” Tory said in April.


The zoo is home to the world’s most charismatic animals: There are around 1,000 wild lions and tigers in Toronto, and Toronto Zoo founder and former president Richard Branson is one of them.

He is known as the “King of Zoo.”

Branson lives in the zoo, which he has called home since the 1970s.

He and his wife, Amal Clooney, opened the zoo in 1987 and have spent much of their time caring for its animals, according a Toronto Star story from March.

Branson has also given more than $1 billion to the zoo.


The Toronto zoo has become an animal sanctuary, not just a prison.

The facility has been in operation since 1973 and was home to a few thousand animals from the late 1940s to the 1970, the Star reports.

In 2011, Toronto Zoo was ranked number one on the list of the top five animal sanctuaries in the country.

Toronto Zoo’s current population is just over 20,000, and the sanctuary has a staff of more than 500.

“We don’t have any animals in our shelter right now that are in serious distress, or that are suffering from illness,” said Jennifer Hoey, a staff veterinarian at the zoo and the vice president of the Toronto Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

“And we have an abundance of animals that are healthy.”

Hoe, who has spent much time at the Toronto zoo, said it is crucial for staff to treat the animals humanely and take care of them properly.

“I think our animals are very well cared for, and we have the capacity to take care,” Hoe said.

“You can see the pride on their faces.”


The zookeepers have made a lot of progress.

Toronto zoo is no longer home to animals who have been sick for years: In 2014, Toronto City Council voted unanimously to remove the zoo from the list as a potential sanctuary because of a lack of evidence that the animals were suffering.

But in 2016, Toronto zoo was removed from the Ontario Animal Health Authority’s list of potential sanctuary sites because the city did not have enough information to prove the animals needed to be moved out of the city.

This means that the Toronto zoos current population of animals is just under 20,,000 animals.

While the zoo was not removed from sanctuary status, the city of Toronto did place restrictions on where the animals could be kept.

For example, the zoo could only house up to 100 animals at a time.

“These restrictions are in place to make sure we have enough staff, enough space and adequate infrastructure to care for these animals,” Hiey said.

In the case

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