Geauga’s public health warning: Public health warning issued for geauga park

Public health officials in Geauga have issued a public health alert for a geauga public park due to a possible outbreak of coronavirus.

Key points:Public health officials are warning people in the area to stay home from Thursday, February 17, to Monday, February 22The park is about 200 metres from the airportThe warning comes after coronaviruses were reported in the park last month and the park is near the airportGeauga Mayor Scott Tannen says the park has not experienced an outbreak of the coronaviral virus so the public is not at risk from the virusThe Geauga City Council is also advising people to stay at home from Friday, February 18 to Monday February 22.

The council said in a statement that the park was about 200 kilometres from the Geauga Airport.

“Due to the recent reported coronavillosis cases in the Geauauga park, and to assist with the prevention of further cases, Geauga has issued a warning for the entire park and has advised residents to remain at home.”

Residents are encouraged to wear long sleeves and long pants to protect against contact with anyone who has been exposed to the virus.

“The Geauaugas council is advising people not to use public transportation.”

Please do not use public transport in the immediate area and to avoid travelling to and from the park,” the statement said.

The Geaungas government said the park had not experienced any outbreaks of coronasal virus in recent times.”

The park has experienced no new cases of coronosl, and all cases of the virus are being investigated,” it said.

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