Michigan public health officials issue guidance on how to respond to outbreaks

MICHIGAN — Michigan public and private health officials issued a joint letter Thursday urging state leaders to take additional steps to prevent outbreaks from spreading, including the use of the state’s public health system, as well as increasing communication and training among the state departments of health.

The Michigan Department of Public Health and Human Services and the Michigan Department on Aging and Disability Services issued the letter in response to outbreaks of salmonella infections in a number of states.

They said outbreaks can be caused by contaminated food or contaminated surfaces, as long as there is a general risk for public health and the outbreak involves a person with salmonellosis, which can cause severe and potentially life-threatening illness.

The letter is the latest salmonello outbreak that has been traced to a state employee, according to the state.

In March, the department was working to find out if anyone at the state-funded health facility in Ann Arbor had a history of salisbury disease.

In a joint statement, Michigan’s public and state health departments said that, although it was important to remain vigilant in ensuring the health of our residents and the general public, it was also important to ensure that public health information was being provided to the public and that the public was receiving timely, appropriate, and accurate information.

The public health agencies said the most important way to address salmoneLLs outbreaks is to continue to use state-of-the-art surveillance systems that use a combination of technology and public health expertise, including public health partnerships with local, state, and federal agencies.

They also said state-level and local public health plans must develop a strategic plan to help inform, educate, and inform the public about the outbreak.

The plan must be coordinated and include information on the use, prevention, testing, testing protocols, and other steps to limit and minimize the spread of salmosillovirus.

The departments urged state leaders not to rely solely on a “scarcity of resources” to fight outbreaks.

The departments said states should focus on providing appropriate and effective public health resources to address the spread, including by deploying state-owned, state-licensed, and state-run public health laboratories, conducting a risk assessment, and providing community outreach to prevent the spread.

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