How to avoid a public health disaster

In March, the Sacramento Public Health Division issued an alert to all county public health departments that an unknown source of flu vaccine was coming into Sacramento County.

According to the alert, the source was a supplier to California Health Services.

According, California Health and Human Services was testing the vaccine and testing the company to ensure that the source of the flu vaccine supply was safe.

However, the alert did not specify if the company had been vaccinated.

In fact, California’s Public Health Agency, a state agency that administers the flu vaccines, did not disclose whether it had received the vaccine from a source other than California Health.

Public health experts have pointed out that the company has been involved in at least seven other outbreaks in California and that California Health was in the process of ordering a second vaccine to be administered to all residents.

The California Public Health Commission has also ordered an additional influenza vaccine to take effect from June 30, 2018.

But that second vaccine was not tested for flu and was not distributed until July 3, 2018, when a vaccine distributed by the company was tested for the virus.

The second flu vaccine, known as the FluMist, was also not tested until August 21, 2018 and has not been distributed since.

The first flu vaccine distributed in California by California Health Health was distributed in late February, but the company did not test the vaccine until July 17, 2018 after a report by the CDC of a possible flu strain linked to that vaccine was made public.

The FluMist vaccine has not contained any of the viruses that caused the coronavirus outbreak in the United States and has been linked to an increase in hospitalizations.

But according to the California Public Safety Commission, the flu shot that is distributed by California health did not contain any of those viruses.

This was the first time that a state public health department has reported a source of a flu vaccine to the CDC.

The alert has caused an uproar among state health officials, as well as local public health officials.

As of Tuesday, public health authorities in more than 20 California counties had been told to stop vaccinating residents who were exposed to a source outside the county.

A spokesperson for the California Health Department told The Next Step that the department has been working to protect all Californians and that all counties are working to ensure they are vaccinating their residents.

While California Health officials did not immediately respond to a request for comment, the California State Board of Supervisors has said it is working to determine the source and is “taking the necessary steps to ensure this does not happen again.”

A spokesperson with the California Department of Public Health and Environmental Control told The Sacramento Bee that the California health department is currently working with its public health partners to ensure the safety of those who are receiving the flu shots.

California’s State Board on Public Health is scheduled to vote on a resolution on Wednesday to require all public health agencies in California to provide testing and vaccination information to the public within 48 hours.

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