Which states are experiencing the most COVID-19 cases?

Public health officials have identified the three states where the highest number of COVID cases have occurred in the past three months, as well as one in New Mexico, as areas that are likely to see more COVID outbreaks in the coming weeks and months.

A statewide map showing COVID surveillance data for each of the three counties, as compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), is shown above.

The data shows that in counties that have had the most cases in recent weeks, it is West Virginia and Mississippi, where the state health department reported 1,890 new cases, and North Carolina, where a total of 1,939 cases were reported. 

According to the CDC, at least 1,099 new cases were recorded in North Carolina and 1,097 in South Carolina, as of the end of May, with a total total of 2,077 confirmed cases reported.

The three counties with the highest cases in the first three months of this year were: North Carolina: 1,619, West Virginia: 1 and Mississippi: 1.

North Carolina has seen the highest rate of COID-19 in the nation.

There were 2,895 confirmed cases in 2017, a new high, but the state is still far from having its annual average of 2.5 million cases.

The number of confirmed cases is down to 2,726 in March, and 1.8 million in April, according to the state Department of Health and Human Services.

A total of 5,974 people have been diagnosed with COVID, which is a new CDC record, and there have been a total 2,569 deaths from COVID in the United States, the CDC reported on Friday.

In West Virginia, the number of cases has dropped from 879 in April to 576 in May, and the state’s death toll has risen to 1,027.

The state has also seen the largest increase in cases among the states in the Midwest and South.

The rate of confirmed COVID infections in the state has dropped sharply, but a total 1,564 people are in the hospital due to COVID infection, according the CDC.

The state is currently seeing the most infections in any county in the South, with 1,034 infections reported in Charleston, where 1,069 new cases have been recorded.

North Carolina is second with 1 and South Carolina is third with 1.

In addition to West Virginia’s counties, counties in Tennessee and Mississippi have also reported cases.

The states with the most reported COVID deaths have been: South Carolina: 17,813, West Virginias: 15,721, and Mississippi : 15,821.

In March, 1,029 deaths were recorded, with more than 1,000 people still hospitalized, according an official report from the South Carolina Department of Public Health and Health Services.

The U.S. Centers for Diseases Control and the U.K. Department of Education released a new map on Friday showing the three largest counties for COVID and its associated hospitalization data.

The map shows the states with higher cases in 2016 and 2015, and for both of those years, the states have seen the most hospitalizations. 

The data shows West Virginia as the county with the largest number of hospitalizations for COIDS-19, with 4,958 cases in May.

In 2016, West Virgins saw the most new cases in March of any county, with 2,068.

In 2015, West Va. saw the highest total of hospitalization for COIDs-19.

The county with highest COIDS deaths is in South Dakota, where 2,973 people have died, while West Virginia has had the highest rates of deaths for COID and deaths overall. 

North Carolina, Mississippi, and West Virginia all had a total increase of 2 deaths per 100,000 population for COVI-19 and COVID overall, according data from the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics.

North Dakota had the biggest increase of deaths overall for COV-19 overall, with 6,723, South Dakota had 5,532 deaths, and South Dakota’s deaths were up to 2.9 per 100 of people.

Mississippi had the second largest increase, with 5,314 deaths, while Mississippi had 3.9 and South Dakotans had 2.7.

The CDC says there were 2 deaths for every 100,0000 people in North Dakota, while South Dakota and South Dixie reported deaths of 2 and 2.6 for every million people, respectively. 

This is the first time that COVID has hit the three Southern states that have been the most affected by the virus.

North Dakota has had an average of 1.7 deaths per 1,0000 residents for all five years for COVS-19 infections, while the states overall rate is 3.6.

South Dakota reported an average per 1 million residents

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