Which vaccines are safe and which are not?

Public health experts across Canada have raised questions about the safety of two new vaccines that have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

A spokesman for the company that makes the vaccine said it is “unaware of any vaccine safety concerns” and said it will continue to work with public health officials.

Public health officials in the U.S. and Canada have also raised concerns about the vaccine.

A total of 18 vaccines have been licensed for use in Canada since the start of the pandemic.

The first of those vaccines, Gardasil, was approved by regulators in December, and is being used in some U.K. clinics and other places.

Two other vaccines, RotaTeq and ZMapp, have been under development for more than a decade and will be available for use starting in March.

A third vaccine, Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR), has been approved in the United States.

Health Minister Rona Ambrose said the two vaccines have not yet received approval from the FDA and the Canadian vaccine market is “well established.”

She added that Canada has seen no cases of measles or mumps since the pandemics began, but added that it would be premature to make conclusions about the other two vaccines.

“It is clear from the facts and information we have at this point that these vaccines are highly safe,” Ambrose said in an interview with CBC News on Thursday.

“I am confident that the science behind these vaccines will make us very confident that they will not pose a risk to Canadians.”

Ambrose also defended the decision to approve the vaccines and said that “it is an area of medical practice that has not been widely studied.”

She said there is no evidence to suggest that they cause autism.

“We’re not in a situation where we have to decide whether or not vaccines are good or bad,” she said.

The Minister also said that vaccines have the ability to “provide protection against diseases such as measles, rubella and other diseases” that have “not been proven to be safe in humans.”

Ambrose said she has not yet been given a cost estimate for the vaccines, but that the FAD has told her that the cost of the vaccines will be “under $25 million.”

Ambrose defended the cost estimates by saying the Fad will be looking into the details of the vaccine and the benefits of the two new doses.

The minister said she expects the cost will be more than the cost to consumers of Gardasillos vaccines and other vaccines.

The vaccines were originally approved by FAD as an investigational medicine.

Ambrose has previously said that the vaccines have a “good chance of working.”

She also said the government expects to get some of the cost out of the market before the pandemaker is done.

“The FAD expects to have an update with regard to the Feds approval for the two vaccine candidates in the next few weeks,” Ambrose wrote in an email.

“A full cost analysis will be undertaken by FADS.”

The government has also asked the FADA to examine the safety and efficacy of the Gardasils and the other vaccines and to assess whether there are any gaps in the scientific evidence that they should be licensed for clinical use.

Ambrose said that while there are “still some areas of research” to be done, she believes the vaccines are “a very safe and effective option.”

“The safety of vaccines has been well documented,” she added.

The two vaccines were approved after the first two were withdrawn from the U,S.


They were not licensed in Canada until late February.

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