What’s in the Arkansas public-health update?

The latest Arkansans can expect a long wait before they get the latest health update from Arkansas’ public health department.

Here’s what you need to know: – Arkansas Health Department is investigating an outbreak of a coronavirus that’s been traced to people in three different parts of the state.

– Arkansas Public Health has been under pressure from Gov.

Asa Hutchinson to release more details on the coronaviruses outbreak, and he’s already directed the state to send out a public-records request for more information.

– An emergency meeting of the Arkansas State House will be held Thursday morning, but lawmakers will not be allowed to participate.

A spokeswoman said the session is not related to the coronaval outbreak.

– The Arkansas Department of Health and Environment said it’s investigating an increase in cases of coronaviral respiratory disease in parts of central Arkansas.

Officials said the outbreak is linked to two people who have been hospitalized.

A preliminary diagnosis of the respiratory illness, which has been linked to coronaviroids, could take several weeks to establish.

– On Thursday, Hutchinson ordered the Arkansas Department for Health and Environmental Affairs to provide a public health update.

Health department spokeswoman Amy Roberts said the agency is working with the Arkansas Division of Public Health to provide more information, including an update on the number of cases and the outbreak.

The state also is looking into a possible increase in coronaviid cases in other parts of Arkansas.

Arkansas has been experiencing a spike in coronivirus cases this year.

The latest outbreak has affected more than 100 people in the metro area.

– Health officials said they’ve been working with local public health departments to identify people who are at risk for exposure to the respiratory virus.

The CDC is monitoring the outbreak closely, but the department said it will not send any cases to its regional office until the health department has a clearer picture of how the outbreak may affect local health departments.

– In an interview with WREG-TV, Hutchinson said he hopes to meet with the governor on Friday to discuss the situation.

He said he will not meet with anyone from the governor’s office unless he has the information that he needs to make the decision to release information.

The governor has also ordered a state-wide public health alert.

Hutchinson said the governor would be meeting with the director of the CDC on Friday.

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