Why NYC’s public health crisis is getting worse

The New York City public health system is hemorrhaging money and staff, according to a scathing report released Wednesday that highlights the city’s continuing failure to deliver the results promised.

The findings, released by the city health department and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, come amid a public health emergency as the city is reeling from an outbreak of coronavirus that is expected to kill an estimated 1,000 people this week.

The city’s public-health system, which was founded in 1916, is facing a $300 million budget deficit.

The city’s fiscal 2018 budget, which begins July 1, is $739 million short of the $1.3 billion promised.

The $741 million shortfall is the second-largest since the system began collecting funds in 2019.

The report says there are currently 2,700 employees in the public health division.

The report said the city does not have an internal manager, which means there is no way to measure how much the system’s funding has actually gone to programs.

The lack of oversight means the system is failing to effectively address the needs of people with chronic illnesses and other chronic conditions.

The system also lacks adequate staffing to support the expansion of its efforts.

It says the city has not addressed the issue of its aging, aging hospitals.

And while the city plans to expand its hospital system, it will likely require additional funding from the state and federal governments.

The $1 billion shortfall will require the city to find additional funding to address other long-term problems, including the rising cost of care and the increasing number of chronic health conditions, the report said.

The public health department has been unable to adequately address the problems, according a statement released Wednesday by the agency.

The department has only been able to provide basic information about the health care system, including a list of the services and programs that are provided.

The department did not provide an estimate of how many people are in the city, the number of infections, or the number who have died.

The number of cases in the department has more than doubled over the past year.

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